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Table Tennis

Whether you're an experienced player or a complete beginner, we've got you covered. Experience the finest coaches in Bromley. Table Tennis for Everyone.

We love table tennis, so it’s no surprise that our facilities are second to none. We’ve got a qualified coach, as well as 3 match-quality tables.  It means you can have a lesson, play a match or practice your serve with your coach safe in the knowledge that you are in great hands! 

Hewley even provides all the equipment you can possibly need! Start today and learn from the best! 



Session times:

Monday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday: 6pm – 7pm, 7pm – 8pm

Thursday: 6pm – 7pm, 7pm – 8pm, 8 – 9pm

Hewley can accommodate a maximum of 6 to 8 persons in our sessions (limited capacity)

All sessions are coached and require a booking due to the limited capacity, once you book your child into a session, his/her spot will be guaranteed for the month.


What Hewley Offers

Hewley offers table tennis coaching sessions to children of all ages and abilities, our structured coaching curriculum ensures each child’s progress is monitored and we create a roadmap for each child’s development.

Hewley provides competitive opportunities for players, this is always relevant to their standard of play.

Club tournaments – players start their competitive journey by participating in club level championships, ranking points are achieved and each player is ranked within the academy, trophies and medals are up for grabs.

Inter Club championships – As players improve, they have the opportunity to compete and represent the club by playing against other clubs, this usually involves a selection process.

Two star tournaments – At this stage, players are selected to compete in external tournaments, these are usually sanctioned by the national governing body (Table Tennis England) and national ranking points are earned.

Players will compete in different parts of the country and play against some of the best players in their age division.

Leagues – Players have an opportunity to compete in local an national leagues, there are several leagues available and these will be recommended by the coach.

Training camps – Training camps are held during the haft term, Easter and Summer holidays, the kids will have an opportunity to benefit from high quality training over the duration of one week.



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"Over the years both I and Hewley have enjoyed; coaching, collaborating, talking to one another and coming up with innovative ideas. Our relationship remains strong even though Hewley has gone in a slightly different career pathway. I am confident in Hewley's ability and focus to produce the goods, which is why I strongly recommend his vision - product - service"

Eli Baraty

Play Table Tennis at Bromley Sports Club

Adult Coaching

Table tennis coaching can be very productive with one-to-one sessions. We can provide lessons at home or clubs and help you get the best table tennis experience with friends and families.

We organize club sessions and games within local communities. We also have a wealth of information about local table tennis competitions and we can help local clubs participate in competitive matches to help improve their skills.

Junior Coaching

We are available to coach regular or one-off sessions in schools, organisations, teams and with individuals. All sessions are led by Hewley Griffiths or suitably qualified coaches. Our coaches are fully qualified, first aid trained and hold up to date enhanced DBS checks. We train candidates on all aspects of table tennis. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, we have something to help improve your game. If you are a newcomer or average player, you can often just beat your opponent by understanding the principals of table tennis. The preponderance of recreational players lacks knowledge of the proper grip, basic footwork, and other table tennis basics. You can turn those weaknesses into strengths and beat your opponents with ease. They will not know how you beat them; they will just get used to the feeling of defeat!


Hewley has worked with many clubs, coaches and has developed many table tennis programs both in Guyana and across England. Some of these clubs are:

– GB Para team at the Spanish Open
– London Progress table tennis club
– Brunswick table tennis Club
– National Coach, Guyana National team
– Challengers table tennis club (Guyana)
– Mildread Mansfield table tennis club (Guyana)
– YMCA (Guyana)
– Malteenos table tennis club (Guyana)
– Titans table tennis club (Guyana)

Hewley has worked with many young athletes within these clubs, many of which progressed onto winning many national and Caribbean titles.


Coaching teams promotes good friendships and team building. Initially Hewley focused more on large groups and individuals as opposed to team coaching. After that, he assisted in coaching the Guyana National Junior team at the Junior Caribbean Championships, after which he took up coaching roles at local competitions and with National league teams such as British League division 1 and division 4 teams. He worked with Greenhouse sports for three and a half years and took teams to National competitions almost every weekend. He also assisted in coaching the GB para team internationally and coached the Guyana National Team at the 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow. Going forward, Hewley intends to coach both locally and internationally and develop more relationships and building many more teams.

My coaching responsibilities cover the following:
– Taking the team to the competition
– Conducting risk assessments
– Ensuring the athletes are checked into the hotel or alternative accommodation
– Waking up early and ensuring the team is up on time
– Monitoring meal times for the team
– Monitoring rest times
– Organising fixtures and playing orders
– Warming up the athletes
– Coaching the athletes when competing


At 9, Hewley started playing table tennis after seeing some older kids playing the game using school desks. Fascinated by it, he persuaded his father to take him to the YMCA club to learn how to play.
Hewley’s passion for the sport increased, he played his first competition soon after and finished second place. Within the first two years of his competitive career, Hewley won the National under 12 championships and was selected as part of the national team.

‘Table tennis is the foundation of my life, I grew up in a place where opportunities were limited and playing table tennis all those years was difficult. There were times when we would turn up at the club and we did not have a ball to play with and we would pool whatever money we had to buy one just so we could play. We made so much of the little we had, it was so much fun and meant so much to us’. We never had a table tennis table in school, we put together a few of the desks and placed a piece of wood across as the net and that did it for us.


Practice was always fun for me, serious and rigorous but fun most importantly. In my latter years as a senior player on the National team, my training hours and regime was a question of ‘how much do i want it or how good do I want to be’. I woke up at 5:00 am every day and went for a jog on the sea walls, I would practice 3 or 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I knew I had to have a high fitness level if I wanted to train at that intensity.

What drives me is the passion I have for the sport, the feeling of being a winner and the joy of participating in competitions. I think there is a mentality amongst athletes that the average person cannot comprehend; and that is the desire to compete and to win at any cost. I trained hard because thatis what it takes to be good at what I do, and I didn’t want to be good, I wanted to be the best.



  • National Mens Team Member 2004- 2012
  • 6x Guyana Singles Champion
  • 4 x Mens Doubles Champion
  • 4 x Mixed Doubles Champion
  • 2005 Caribbean International Goodwill Champion (Teams)
  • 2009 Caribbean Championships Silver Medallist (Teams)
  • 2011 Caribbean Championships Bronze Medallist (Teams)
  • 2009 French Antilles International Championships Silver Medallist (Teams)
  • 2009 Kenneth De Abreu League Champion Div 1
  • 2006- 2007 West Middlesex League Champion Div 1
  • 3 x Wandsworth and District League Champion Div 1
  • 2013 Guildford Grand Prix Champion (banded)
  • Suriname Open Champion (Teams)
  • Team Captain, British League Div1 (2014, 2015)


Hewley has worked with many young athletes in Guyana whom have progressed to winning numerous national and international titles.

  • Table tennis Head Coach at Greenhouse Sports
  • Captain and coach of Senior British League team Division 1
  • Assistant Coach GB Para team, Spain 2014
  • Assistant coach GB para team, World Junior games 2014
  • Coach for Guyana National Team, Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014

Hewley has been working with Nicko Anderson for over 3 years and together they have achieved countless championship titles includings:

  • 2 x UK school games Gold Medals
  • World Junior Championships Gold medal (2014)
  • World Junior Championships Bronze medal (2014)
  • Silver medal at Romanian Open (2015)
  • World Junior Championships Bronze medal (2014)
  • World ranked top 40
  • England ranked no 1

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